Educational Tours (K-12)

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All tours include classroom activities and physical tour of this iconic structure.

Careers at U.S. Bank Stadium

U.S. Bank Stadium has developed an educational program to provide students ages Pre-K through 12th grade the opportunity to visit and learn about curriculum revolving around U.S. Bank Stadium. The Career Curriculum focuses on a digital presentation that includes facts, figures, and statistics of Stadium Management. Students of all learning styles are engaged through activities and discussions in the classroom. At certain grade levels, a Guest Speaker from SMG can assist with a Q & A session regarding a topic of interest if requested.

Sustainability at U.S. Bank Stadium

The stadium is currently involved in minimizing its energy, water, and waste rates. For the Sustainability Education Tour, we will talk about these initiatives, and how they contribute to lessening the carbon footprint of U.S. Bank Stadium as a whole. For waste, we will talk about the process of creating a zero-waste stadium, what happens to recycled and compostable materials once it leaves, and ways in which we minimize waste. We will discuss the ways in which the stadium can reduce energy usage and will teach strategies for the student to implement in their daily lives. Finally, we will discuss how the stadium manages its water, and how we track and strategize ways to minimize usage. We can tailor the level of information to the audience and age range.

Chaperones & Prices

Chaperones are U.S. Bank Stadium partners working with us to assist in the students’ experience to provide the most productive and education tour visit. Below is our chaperone to student ratio:

Grades K-3: one (1) chaperone per eight (8) students

Grades 4-8: one (1) chaperone per ten (10) students

Grades 9-12: one (1) chaperone per fifteen (15) students

Please read over the chaperone expectations below with your chaperones before arriving to U.S. Bank Stadium. Thank you for your cooperation!

Every chaperone and teacher has signed a consent form (same as students)

Chaperones are to assist and execute all disciplinary actions with their students

Chaperones are to be engaged in all education content

No photos taken until prompted by the U.S. Bank Stadium Tour Team

Must stay with your group during the entire visit

Assist with lunches when prompted by U.S. Bank Stadium Tour Team

Assist with bathroom breaks when prompted by Tour Guides

Refrain from using cell phones during lessons (both chaperones and students). If there is an emergency, please have our team support in getting you the space needed to take the call/text.

Support U.S. Bank Stadium Tour Team

Chaperones and teachers are responsible for the overall safety of students throughout U.S. Bank Stadium

Chaperones must be at least 21 years of age

Click here for an Educational Tour Permission Slip
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